Friday, March 16, 2018

Book 2 - Chapter 16 – Living Arrangements

The wizard's tower was currently located at the center of the palace gardens, sunshine streaming through the wide gap in its walls, where it had been attached to the palace. As she passed by it, Toadmila thought that it was somewhat unfair that the Adviser to the King got a whole tower, while the Adviser to the Crown Prince only got two rooms in the palace. Her rooms consisted of a large antechamber furnished with armchairs and settees, and a spacious bed chamber which housed an imposing four-poster bed, a large chest for her belongings, and a writing desk in a corner. The furniture was by no means poor. Made of precious wood engraved with rich motifs and gilded in part, each piece was a unique work of art. But Toadmila found the space small, now that it had to house her three familiars along with herself.
I shall sleep here,” Raven said, perching atop the back of a large armchair in the antechamber.
Very well,” Toadmila said. “Kitty will sleep in the bed, with me, because cats always sleep in the best spot, and–”
Puppies always sleep on the bed too!” Patch shouted, throwing open the doors to the bed chamber and jumping onto the bed, which made an ominous screech.
Toadmila tried to find an answer to this impeccable logic.
But Raven will be lonely if he sleeps all by himself in this big room,” she said.
Raven did not look like he was going to be lonely. He studied the room from the height of his armchair, entirely uninterested in the conversation.
Patch stays with me,” Kitty said protectively, crossing the room cautiously and sitting down on the bed. Patch, who had been jumping up and down on the bed, sat down meekly by her side.
Toadmila gave the bed a long look. She took out her wand, and a shower of sparks burst out and hit the bed, startling Kitty and Patch and making them jump up and run into a corner of the room. The bed creaked and screeched, and stretched itself until it was large enough to accommodate three people.
So,” Toadmila said, putting away her wand, “ Patch and Kitty and I will sleep in the bed. And Raven gets the other room. All of it.”

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