Friday, May 25, 2018

Book 2 - Chapter 22 – Magic and Familiars

Will you give us just the reversing spells, then?” Lefroy asked.
Both Raven and Toadmila looked at him inquisitively.
I do not know the reversing spells,” Raven said, his voice faltering.
But would you give them to us if you knew them?” Lefroy asked. “You'd still need someone to cast them on you.”
Raven nodded.
I'd give you the reversing spells if I thought you wouldn't be able to figure out the initial spells starting from them,” he said. “But I don't know them.”
You know more than we do,” Lefroy pointed out. “If you can figure out the spells by yourself, we can use them on you. Ravens are smart birds, smarter than the average courtier. If you're willing to take the time and study more, you can probably figure out how to reverse those spells. You can read any of my books, if you want.”
Familiars are not allowed to study magic,” Raven said.
Actually, the law says that familiars aren't allowed to use magic,” Toadmila said, trying to sound like she was reciting from one of her text books. “You can read whatever you want. Can you read?”
Of course I can,” Raven answered with a touch of irritation.
Then,” Toadmila said, “you have my permission to read any of Lefroy's books. When you figure out the reversal spells, you can write them down.”
It's going to be difficult,” Lefroy said quickly. “We can't give you a wand to try out anything. Not unless we want to get in trouble with the Office. You'll have to work on theory only.”
Raven nodded. He looked from Lefroy to Toadmila, who smiled encouragingly.
Thank you,” he said simply. Then he turned to the bookshelves, took out the nearest book, and began to read.

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