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Thank you for reading Toadmila's adventures. If you enjoy reading this series, please consider supporting the author. Your moral support is much appreciated. Here are a few things you can do to help me in my quest to becoming a full time writer (which, if accomplished, would mean I could update more often).

  • Toadmila is listed on Web Fiction Guide. If you like the series, please consider taking a moment to vote for it at by following this link or, if you have a little more time, please consider leaving a short review at 
  • There is an official Facebook page for the series, which can be found here. The page posts updates when a new chapter is posted on the blog, and occasionally giveaways of the paperbacks for the series. Please consider liking/following the page, and please consider entering any giveaways you might be interested in. (First giveaway to be posted at the end of November 2017.)
  • Toadmila is now on Tapas. If you have an account on Tapas, please consider subscribing to the series over there. Each chapter is posted both on this blog and on Tapas at about the same time.

Edited on November 25th 20017: You can now buy the paperback version of Book 1 of Toadmila's adventures from Amazon and other retailers. If you've ever wanted to own a physical copy of the book, or to give it to someone who doesn't like reading online, or just to support the author, please consider buying a copy.

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